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The Kretek (clove cigarette) Museum in Kudus, Central Java, is the only cigarette museum in Indonesia. Officiated by the then Minister of Home Affairs, late Soepardjo Roestam, on 3 October 1986. This milestone appears to commemorate the deeds of industrialist M. Notosemito.


The Kretek Museum is built on an area of 2 hectares. It was Soepardjo Roestam’s idea, when he was still the Governor of Central Java. His Excellency pleaded that Kudus should also have its clove cigarette museum. It was realized by the PPRK (Kudus Clove Cigarette Manufacturers Union), while the further management has been assigned to the Tourism Bureau of the Kudus Regency. Yet, the cost of building is still supported by the union. The museum building is stately and beautiful. The larger part of the budget came from the two giant cigarette factories in Kudus; Djarum and Sukun. The two separate buildings in front of the museum in the architectural styles of a traditional Kudus house, and a Kudus style prayer house, represent the donations from these two cigarette factories. The interior of the museum, in particular the statues that decorate the inside, are the creations of artists from Kudus, in general from the community of teachers. Upon entering this museum for the first time, one is impressed by the statue of a woman wearing a caping (broad conical shape woven bamboo hat) surrounded by four other women. These statues illustrate the process of manually made cigarettes, from rolling to sorting. Inside, in the left and right wings, dioramas can be viewed depicting from the time tobacco is planted, picking of the leaves, processing in factory, up to the finished cigarette ready for marketing. In this museum, there are exhibited the manual cigarette and tobacco machines, in separate vitrines. Then various types of wrapping material, such as corn leaves ( usually called klobot), which were the very first wrappers for the hand rolled cigarettes, also complement this museum. On the inside, center wall, a few black and white photographs of the Kudus traders and cigarette industrialists are displayed. Including a large photograph of M. Nitisemito. Understandably, his photograph is the largest in size, since he is considered the biggest contributor, the pioneer of the cigarette industry in Kudus, even in Indonesia.

TRAVEL TIPS The city of Kudus is located 50 kilometers east of Semarang. Travelling by car it would take about an hour. By public transportation, the fare would be Rp 1,000.00 (approx. 0.40 USD) per person. To reach the Kretek Museum in the Jati Kudus village, one can take a becak from the alun-alun, for Rp 1,000.00. For further information, contact the PPRK office in Kudus, which is located behind the Kudus Regency office building

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